Friday, 19 February 2010

Commisioned paintings jan/feb 2010- Santuary Bar and Restaurant

I was commissioned to paint five paintings for 'Santuary Bar and Restaurant' about to open in Basingstoke. They are all painted as a continuation from my degree work, taking into consideration the style and theme of the bar. They are all painted in oil paint and lukas medium 4.

The painting below was the final painting in the series of five. I had got back into the flow of painting and this canvas incidently became abit of an experiment, naturally wanting to progress and change ideas around. The colours and shapes are more extreme, more unnatural and contrasting. This new direction is something i wish to explore in my future painting, to see where it takes my work.

There are different shapes and scales of the canvases in the series. I felt the bigger 2m x1.4m canvases works the best; where there is more freedom for expression and range, the smaller sizes however compliments the larger ones and let the theme run through out the bar and restaurant.